Tribu Lifou

An authentic change of scenery

What will make your trip unforgettable is to immerse yourself in a tribe in New Caledonia on Kanak customary land, for a ceremony or a stay with a local. Discover the Kanak culture and its wonders.

Pèche en tribu

An unforgettable adventure

Staying in a tribe is a promise of a real change of scenery, but also to enter to the heart of the Melanesian Kanak culture, its rhythm, its rites and its traditions. On the Great land, the East Coast is known as the cradle of the Kanak soul. Staying with a tribe also means respecting its customs and accepting to drop your bags, literally and figuratively as you are in another universe, one where you take more time to live, and where nature is of paramount importance.

There are now several formulas to enable you to enjoy this thousand-year-old heritage as closely as possible. The traditions are still very much alive. Enjoy a bougna by the fire, take a nap on a mat, discover sacred places in the heart of caves or the forest, learn about traditional medicine... and much more. Here, human relations will be simple and generous.

Accueil Tribu Case Famille Culture Kanak Nouvelle-Calédonie

Let yourself be seduced by Kanak traditions

In New Caledonia, custom marks all ceremonies or welcomes in the Kanak world. It is therefore important that you make this gesture, which is central to the social organisation of the tribe, on your arrival. A « manou », a small gift or some offerings will mark your gratitude and open the doors of your host. You may be invited to attend one of the customary ceremonies that punctuate the life of the inhabitants throughout the year. The Yam Festival, for example, is held every year in March. It celebrates the beginning of the harvest throughout the archipelago and brings the inhabitants of the island together around this traditional food. 

Excursion en radeau à Lifou

Island fairs

The Loyalty Islands offer short tribal stays on several occasions during the year. You will take part in traditional celebrations based on products from the land or sea, while staying with local people. This is a wonderful opportunity to share the daily life of the islanders.

Hienghène Nord Nouvelle-Calédonie Paysage Montagne Poule

The charms of Hienghène

On the East Coast, Hienghène has made tribal hospitality a real "speciality". On the seaside or perched in the mountains, these accommodations are always authentic and there is no lack of activities.

A great hike between tribes

Do you like hiking in the forest? On horseback, on foot or by mountain bike, the GR® Nord between Ponérihouen and Poindimié has the particularity of offering many stages with accommodation in tribes. This is an opportunity to discover New Caledonia's biodiversity while enjoying a warm welcome in a tribe. A change of scenery is guaranteed in the heart of the Chain.

Case Lifou

Discover the Kanak cultural heritage

Following your tribal getaway, end your stay by visiting the Tjibaou Cultural Centre, built in honour of Jean-Marie Tjibaou, the Kanak independence leader.

Stroll through the centre's alleys and discover everything that makes up traditional Kanak art through permanent exhibitions, such as "Homage to the dispersed Kanak heritage". Among other things, you will discover Kanak coins made of shell beads, which still play a role in customary exchanges in the Great land.