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Air France

Partners on the routes between Paris and Nouméa, Aircalin and Air France set the standard for travel to and from metropolitan France with over 120,000 passengers transported each year, on the basis of eight to nine weekly flights.

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​Air Tahiti Nui

Partner on routes between the USA, New Zealand, French Polynesia and New Caledonia.

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Japan Airline

Partners on the route between Nouméa and Tokyo, as well as certain domestic routes in Japan such as Fukuoka, Nagoya and Sapporo.

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Air Calédonie

Partner serving New Caledonia's entire domestic network: routes between Nouméa and Île des Pins, as well as the Loyalty Islands.

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Other operating flights in code share

  • Qantas on flights between Australia and New Caledonia.
  • Air New Zealand on flights between New Zealand and New Caledonia.
  • Air Vanuatu on flights between Vanuatu and New Caledonia.


Partnership flights

Thanks to the commercial agreements signed with more than twenty airlines, Aircalin is able to offer its clients travel beyond its own network and the cities it serves with direct flights. Aircalin and its partners* will take you to more than a hundred destinations worldwide.

(* main partners: Air France-KLM, Finnair, Thai, Singapore Airline, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British, Iberia, Air Tahiti Nui, Fiji Airways, Emirates, Etihad, ITA Airways, China Eastern...)


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