Kitesurf Paysage Plage Voile

Fly over the New Caledonian lagoon

New Caledonia will  fulfill the wildest dreams of kitesurfing enthusiasts. The lagoon is one of the most paradisiacal kitesurfing spots for lovers of board sports on flat water  for all disciplines: freestyle, kitefoil, speed race, etc. With an infinite number of spots suitable for all levels and ambitions , New Caledonia is quite simply the kitesurfing paradise on earth.


With two hundred and twenty days of wind per year, New Caledonia offers exceptional riding conditions. Not to mention its other assets: the largest lagoon in the world, magical islets surrounded by absolutely perfect bodies of water, a semi-tropical climate, waters that are always deliciously warm, spectacular landscapes between mountains and preserved beaches... an unforgettable stay is guaranteed!


Idyllic kite spots

For all lovers of gliding (windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, SUP, etc.), the most beautiful spots are found at the passes in the reef, along the perimeter of the lagoon. The most beautiful waves are born from the meeting of the deep waters of the pass with the reef waters on the surface.


The big wave spots near the passes are reserved for advanced surfers because of the reef's proximity to the surface, the distance from the coast and the need to launch from the boat. These incredible swell conditions,  and its many other assets make Caledonia one of the most magical kitesurfing spots.

Surf Ocean

The pass of Dumbea

Wave addicts: set course for the Dumbea pass where world-class rollers await you, about ten nautical miles off the coast of Noumea. The spot is breathtaking. The beautiful silhouette of the Grande Terre mountains looms far behind us and you are in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

Nouvelle-Calédonie Ilot Maitre Paysage Plage

Magical Master Island

Only a few minutes from Noumea by boat, the spot of Ilot Maitre is located in the heart of a protected marine reserve. A freestyle paradise, kitesurfing can be practiced there in all wind directions. Did you say dream conditions?

Poé Bourail Lagon Survol

Bourail: the dream spot

A kitesurfer’s favourite, the dream sport is located in Bourail, on the beach of Poe. In Poe, the lagoon is huge and shallow, shining with a thousand breathtaking colors, and you can camp on the water's edge.

New Caledonia, the perfect place to learn to kitesurf

Take advantage of your stay in New Caledonia to learn to kite! Many kitesurfing schools offer lessons  to start practicing this sport and so you can enjoy afternoons of strong sensations. Get in touch with the kite school closest to your holiday destination to find out the prices of a kitesurfing course.

Taxi Boat Plage Anse Vata

Taxi boat service rental

Different providers offer day trips in cab boats to visit the reef and the islands. Bouts d'Brousse cab boat specializes in outings for windsurfers and kitesurfers. You can spend several days on your favorite spot. Always in groups of course.