For your personal comfort (or for your baby car seat), you can purchase an extra seat next to, or in front of you. The second seat will be priced at the same cost as the first (without taxes). Please note, the width of the seats corresponds to a waist circumference of 135cm in Economy class.

Sales conditions of the extra seat sold at the travel agency: the booking terms and conditions of the original purchased fare apply.

NEW! Aircalin offers the opportunity to purchase an extra seat next to you in Economy Class at a very attractive price. Please note, this offer is only available at the airport, subject to availability.

For passengers looking for more comfort, please check out our Premium Economy offer available on our regional and long-haul flights.


Airport     Price in XPF

Price in Euros

Port-Vila 5 000 XPF

42 euros

Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland, Wallis, Nandi 7 000 XPF 59 euros
Papeete 9 000 XPF 75 euros
Tokyo, Singapore 13 000 XPF 109 euros

Available at the airport ONLY, for Economy Class seats 3 hours before departure and subject to availability.

Conditions of sale of the extra seat sold at the airport: can be requested (until check-in time) and non-refundable.